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         Shri Shankar Bhagwan Institute of Technology aims at the integral, personal formation of youth by helping to become mature men & women of character inspiring them to strive in excellence in every field and to value and judiciously use their freedom to be men & women for others, by becoming agents of social change in the country, thus aiming at ....     read more ...
         At Shri Shankar Bhagwan Institute of Technology we have a wide range of opportunities whether you are a young person just leaving school or an adult looking to continue or return to study. We strive to make sure that all our students achieve their full potential by providing a quality curriculum .......     read more .....
         Teaching Practise : Every student teacher compulsorily completes 24 days in his/her intensive teaching in a High- school or Higher Secondary School as directed by the Principal. Whole-hearted involvement of the student teachers is highly anticipated ......      read more .......
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